DiD Russell Franklyn 80061

DiD Russell Franklyn US WWII 34th Infantry Division (80061)

While not as "sexy" as paratroopers, Rangers, or other special troops, your basic
grunt fought most of the battles in WWII. Basic Joe does not get much respect in 1/6
as many figures are based around specialized subjects. It is nice to get DiD's take on
a regular Joe. 'Ol Russ can be considered a squad builder as he is loaded with great basic
GI gear including some items not yet done by DiD.

This is an ugly headsculpt. Notice I said ugly and not bad. There is a difference. There
can be a good sculpt of an ugly subject. Here is a newsflash: not every soldier looked
like Burt Lancaster. In fact, I would go far as to say the majority of Axis forces were killed
by ugly guys. Monkey Depot is run by ugly dudes and therefore we now wholeheartedly
endorse this new direction of good sculpts of ugly guys.

DiD has started to texture the skin on sculpts similar to what BBi did back in the day.
I tried to capture it here, but the camera would not comply. The M1 Garand is plastic and
the same as prior DiD releases excpet that the M1907 sling is much improved.

M1941 jacket was a staple of US forces. This version is better than the previous DiD
release and features working pockets. The uniform itself is the mixed combination
of a wool service shirt with HBT trousers. This was a popular combination with the
troops. However, it would be nice to get a full set of either or.

The web gear and equipment is typical DiD quality. DiD is making the best M1 Garand
cartridge on the market righ tnow. Also included is the M1919 first aid pouch similar to the
M1942 version but with 2 buttons. As far as I know, this MIVA1 gas mask carrier is a
first in 1/6. No actual gas mask is included, so I stuffed this one for effect.

The highlight of the set in my opinion is the excellent M1928 haversack pack. The M1928
was hated by the troops for being needlessly complicated. In fact, I would not be surprised
to find out the M1929 was a secret Axis plot against the American GI. Hitler wanted to
make Joe's socks and gear almost impossible to get to.

The headache of the real pack is perfectly translated to 1/6. Break out the tweezers and
some patience and get ready. Notice the entrenching tool is the short version often
associated with airborne troops. Not sure if this was a mistake or intentional by DiD.

DiD has done a great job with this piece.

DiD did a nice touch by making the M1 Garand bandoliers two different shades just like
they were in "real" life. I know this will freak out some color nazis though.

Helmet is the great metal US M1 as in previous releases.

The leggings are improved since last release. No writing on the outside.

The M9A1 bazooka is made from metal and has some nice details such as the ability
to actually clamp the sections together for transport mode.

Set includes 2 rockets and tubes. Tubes are made from metal.

Another great release from DiD sure to please you US fans.