Dragon 8th Anniversary Figure Heinrich Achtes w/Flakvierling 38 (70607)

WOW! If somebody would have told me 8 years ago that for just over $200 we
would get a piece like this WITH a figure, I would have called them nuts
Dragon has hit this one out of the park! Not a ton to say as the pictures speak
for themselves.

All plastic. No resin here. It took about 10 minutes to assemble. Just snaps together.

The sight elevates as the guns.

Note that a total of 12 magazines are included. That means enough for each gun
and 8 extras.

Obviously, the focus of this set is the cannon, so I did not spend much time taking
photos of the figure. However, I should note that his winter suit is reversible from
green to white and he comes with full kit.

Loader seats fold up.

Front shield opens

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