3R Nakamura Ryuichi Imperial Japanese Army

3R Nakamura Ryuichi Imperial Japanese Army

WOW! DiD delivers on this one! One of the most requested figures has been a Japanese Army
soldier. BBi did some outstanding Japanese troops, but no regular "ground pounder" IJA.
DiD has heard the call, stepped up to the plate, and hit it out of the park with this one!

Hopefully this sculpt represents things to come from DiD. The detail and
paint applications are at a new standard for regular production figures.

The uniform tailoring has also taken a step forward. It features functional
pockets and working functional buttons rather than snaps. The material
choice and stitch quality is great.

There has been discussion since this figure was previewed about the helmet.
We'll leave the debate to the experts, and here are some better photos
of this real metal piece. The painting on this is very close to 1:1 examples
we have seen.

The cover makes the helmet change shape. If you want the best results
it is better to glue the cover to the helmet to give a tighter look.

Typical DiD quality boots and wraps.

Bayonet is real metal. The ammo pouches are functional and open.

Shot of rear pouch. DiD did miss on the rear oiler bottle as it is not included.

Entrenching tool is made from real metal and wood and collapses like
the real one.

Rifle is VERY nice and DiD has improved its wood/metal construction.

Hard to tell in the picture, but the top has markings.

Working action.

Mess tin is real metal and lid removes.

Canteen is real metal and opens.

We have had more preorders for this figure than any other figure this year.
It is sure to sell out. Don't miss out on this one!

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