ACE Workshop SEAL Team 10 in ACU w/SCAR Rifle

The two questions we get asked almost every day are:
Do you have any ACU stuff? AND
When will somebody come out with a SCAR?

Here is your answer: ACE delivers a knockout punch with their SEAL Team 10!

The sidearm is the famous (or infamous) Beretta M9 still in use by SEALS. The ACE version
has a working slide and comes in a Blackhawk SERPA holster. The real SERPA holster has a
button on the side that must be pushed in order for the pistol to be drawn. This is for retention
during movement as well as to prevent "gun grabs" from the bad guys.

You can set the cant of the pistol by taking off the holster body and moving it.

Here the pistol is set at a forward rake cant.

Also included in the first line set up is a SERPA mag pouch for that speed reload along with
a Surefire Nirtolon light in belt scabbard.

Some have asked: why is a SEAL wearing Army ACU? The answer is that SOCOM forces often
work together (SEAL's, Army Special Forces, Air Force PJ's and Combat Controllers) on joint
missions. These days, every service has their own camo pattern. If everybody wore them it would
be like telling the bad guys: hey he's a SEAL, he's the team PJ, etc. If all the guys wear the same
duds, nobody sticks out.

People will either love or hate the unique sculpt. The MD crew all agreed that looks badass.

ACU fatigues are well done and fit the Man MkI body well which means they will fit most bodies.
Note the open collar in the pic below as opposed to fully up in the picture above.

The boots are the great ACE cloth versions.

I belive the plate carrier set up is based on the London Bridge Trading Company model, but
am not positive. I am positive that it is a work of art.

Ahhhh, the SCAR! SCAR stands for SOF Combat Assault Rifle. SOCOM with their special needs
asked for a new rifle. Many companies entered and when the dust settled, the FN SCAR was left standing.

The ACE version is well done. The stock folds and extends to adjust for length of pull. For more SCAR
info see

The back up iron sight folds down in front.

All is not perfect in SCARland though. The ACOG that is included is set up for rails with the
female holes to mount (like ACE's M4). However, the scar has no holes. I had to xacto the
nubs off the site and glue it to the rifle.

At first I wondered why the set only came with the long barrel and not the shorter CQB version shown
in the preview pictures. Then I figured something out. The longer barrel pops off......

Then you pop off the flash hider........

And PRESTO! Instant CQB version!

Some glamor shots for ya.

The real SCAR and M4 mags are swapable. However, SOCOM specified that the SCAR mags
be finished in FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

The Grimlock D rings are functional.

This guy is ready to kick som a@@. A small amount of this figure were allocated for the US
market. Based on the number of preorders we got, don't expect him to stay available for long!

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