Sideshow Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark (3905)

There are movies, and then there are pop culture monuments. Indiana Jones goes way beyond
a movie and is part of modern culture. For such a big property, there has been a surprising lack of
merchandise over the years. Particularly of the "premium" type. I'll admit it: I am an Indy nut and
was excited when Sideshow announced they had the license for 12" figures. The Toys
McCoy version has long been the grail of Indy collectors and there have been some "grey
market" "relic hunter" figures, but that has been it for years and people have been forced to
make their own.

Figure comes in the great fold open packaging like the Star Wars line.

Great write ups on the internal flaps.

Sideshow did not skimp on the accessories here:

A note about the hat: There will undoubtedly be some grumbling that the hat is molded
and attached to his head. I have NEVER seen a factory produced 1/6 fedora style hat
in 1/6 made out of a cloth material that did not look stupid. In order to capture the iconic
hat, it had to be molded. This too leads to a compromise as the designers need to either
make the head look good with OR without the hat but not with both due to size constraints. I was
impressed with the route that Sideshow chose here: offering all the display options.
You get a head with a molded on hat that looks great, and a non hat head that looks great
along with a loose hat which means you can cover all the display options.

For some reason, Harrison Ford gives sculptors fits and very few have captured the portrait.
I think Sideshow has done the best mass produced Ford sculpt with this figure.

A look at Indy without his jacket. Pistol belt and holster appear to be real leather.

Note the bullwhip holder is closed with a magnet and the rolled whip can be stowed.

Note that the "extra" hat has a cloth liner. Nice little detail.

Thankfully Sideshow did not use real leather on the jacket as it never hangs right or looks
scale. The material chosen does a nice job of looking like a 1/6 version of Indy's famous

Again, some close ups of the hat on sculpt. Judge for yourself, but I think the guys at
Sideshow did a great job on this one.

The pistols are nicely detailed and both feature working parts.

Also included in the set is the Browning High Power Indy uses in the bar fight in the
beginning of Raiders. Where did he get it? Nobody knows as it just appears in the scene.

There are two whips included with the set. One that is rolled and one that is poseable
via an internal wire.

For a static display the wire whip gives some great options. Although, getting the
look right will take some careful posing.

Indy comes with four total sets of hands: bare regular, bare fisted, gloved regular, and
glove fisted.

As mentioned, the extra hat provides more display options.

The usual Sideshow stand is included and marked with the Indiana Jones logo. Other
than a high dollar custom figure, I don't see how you can get a better Indy. Sideshow
did a great job on this one. It was obviously a labor of love for the design guys and
it shows in the final product.

Indy marks the first release of Sideshow's Prometheus body, so I figured we should
take a look at it. Let's be honest: Sideshow's other body was getting a bit long in the tooth
and they needed to put out something that was more in line with today's figure collector's

The male 1/6 body market has become quite crowded with options. It has gotten to the
point to where there is no "perfect" body. You now can select the ideal body based on the
needs of a particular figure project. I think it is obvious what Sideshow was going for here.
They were not looking to make the craziest articulated body, but rather one that was
well proportioned and natural looking.

Feet are the post type and in Indy's case, the boots are molded on.

There is plenty of articulation here for most needs and the shoulder articulation enables
the "pistol pose" that is tough with others.

Note the chest and torso dimensions. This allows uniforms to look more realistic as
with bulkier bodies, they end up looking like super humans.

"Indy smash puny Nazis!"