Soldier Story SS-021 Russian Red Army WWII

Without a doubt, it is a great time to be into the 1/6th scale hobby. We at Monkey Depot continue to be
amazed as new companies pop up and deliver some great gear. Solider Story is still relatively new to the
scene but has quickly established itself as a major player by wowing 1/6ers with their quality. Soldier
Story has primarily stuck to modern subjects but has not been afraid to try other eras with their Korean
War, Chinese WWII, and Vietnam era figure. Up till now, they have stayed away from mainline WWII releases.
It looks like that is about to change with their new Russian Red Army figure.

We (I) have been a bit behind on photo reviews and have several piling up in my office waiting to get
photographed. I figured I would start to catch up with this guy. It is my understanding that this is a production
sample figure, but a few minor details might be changed as final production is underway as I type this.
Russian gear is not as 'sexy' as German stuff, but it has a utilitarian 'charm' to it that Soldier Story
has captured well with this release. Word is that this figure is limited to just 1000 pieces worldwide. Each
figure comes with a numbered card.

Let's get it started with a couple overall shots that represent everything that comes with the figure.

The body is the earlier Soldier Story type (S1 I believe they call it) which is pretty much the same as
the BBi G3.5 that are all but impossible to get these days. As I have said before, different
bodies for different projects. The S2 body 'looks' better, but the S1 has slightly more articulation.

Shot of belt gear and gas mask bag.

Note that the entrenching tool is metal and wood and the carrier has a functional button.

As far as I know, this pack is a first in 1/6 and I believe is the M1936.

After doing this for 10 years, I continue to be amazed at where things have gone in this hobby.
When real wood and metal weapons first hit the scene years ago, I was not a big fan as they
always looked clunky. Now days, manufacturers have all but perfected the process. This PPsH

is nothing short of amazing!

Real metal and wood, spring loaded working action, real metal brass shells and empty cases!

Yes, a few rounds actually fit inside the drum mag!

Push the back of the receiver and the latch pops allowing the gun to be opened up just like the
real one for cleaning!

Detailed shots of trousers.

Nice sculpt.

Side cap is well done and is not big and clunky like some cloth hats can be at times.

Helmet is real metal of course.

Leather liner in helmet.

I would be the first to admit that my knowlege of Russian militaria is not very extensive. The plash-palatka
is the one arm opening version. It is my understanding that there are several variations of this
'do it all' piece of Russian kit. Note the toggle button detail.

I think these support hooks for the pack are also able to be attached to the rifle cartridge pouches
similar to German gear.

Overall a great 'basic' Russian that is prefect to build out your squads. Despite being one of the
largest forces in the war, Russians are very much under represented in 1/6 and it always nice to
get some high detail Commie gear!

Onward to Monkey Depot comrades! We can find all the gear we need to smash the invading
Fascist dogs!