DiD German WWII Sicherheitsdienst (SD) "T. Becker"  80064

DiD continues its parade line of dress figures with a member of the feared SD. The political figures
always bring some amount of controversy, but are popular nonetheless.

Assortment of insignia and badges. Badges are real metal.

Being a dress figure, there is not a ton of gear which is appropriate for this type of figure. SS dress dagger
is real metal as is the way cool skull cane.

DiD quality officer tall boots with buckles.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this figure is the sculpt which has a very sinister look to it.

DiD has come a long way with their sculpts and they feature skin texture for that added bit of realism.
Glasses are real metal.

The black service uniorm typically only had one shoulder strap and no SS runes on the collar tabs
for SD members.

Nice SS visor cap.

Another unique item is the SS dress cape.

It is made from a weight of fabric which allows it to drape realistically over the figure.

While not for everyone, T. Becker will be a welcome addition to those that collect the political figures, or
those who just need a sinsiter guy in their ranks.