Soldier Story US WWII 82nd Airborne Medic SS-026

Soldier Story US WWII 82nd Airborne Medic (SS-026)

Soldier Story is new to the WWII figure market, but with this second release, they show they are coming
on strong with some awesome US gear.
Their second release is an Airborne medic. Airborne subjects
are always popular and it is always nice to have another 'doc' to add to the ranks. Let's take a look......

Here we have a look at the wool service shirt and the M42 jump pants.

Every time a M42 jump uniform comes out there is the "great color debate". As experienced militaria collectors
and researchers can tell you, there is no one "right" color for M42 jump uniforms, but rather a range of colors.
The Soldier Story version falls well within this range.

Tailoring and fabric selection are great. A nice medium weight fabric that hangs well, but does not feel
cheap and thin.

The jacket is equally as well done and has the switchblade pocket near the collar.

All the pockets on the jacket and trousers are functional.

Insignia is all woven with tight detail and scale appearance.

Entrenching tool is real metal and wood. Check out the detail on the pistol belt!

The pouches have nice scale lift the dots. They are non functional and the flaps are secured with velcro
underneath. Now, some will scoff at this. My take is this: functional is great. However, certain compromises
must be made, as there is no way to have a functional 100% to scale lift the dot. Some companies have done
a great job on these, but they are always a little larger. Soldier Story has gone for the scale look rather
than functioning.

You will have to forgive me on this next bit as I am a 1911 .45 geek. Soldier Story's engineering guys have
really outdone themselves on these. I have marvelled at their modern 1911's and now it is nice to have a GI
1911 with the Soldier Story detail. You 1911 guys will notice that the thumb safety is in the up and locked

Likewise, you 1911 guys can look close and see that the slide stop is actually engaged. There is simply an insane
amount of detail on these.

Real leather Corcoran jump boots.

The M1C Airborne helmet is made from real metal and comes with netting and scrim straps. The overall
shape and construction is well done. The chin strap cup is actually shaped.

The liner has great detail.

The M36 musette bag comes with the shoulder strap.

The airborne folding stretcher is made from metal and wood and folds just like the real thing.

Here we get a look at the medic yoke and bags. Also note that the extra straps are included. These were used
to secure the bags from flopping around when worn with the yoke. They could also be used to hold the bags
as side satchels if the yoke harness was not used.

Medical goods for stuffing your bags.

A great release to add to your Airborne ranks. Also, please note that all Soldier Story figures are done
in pretty small runs and ususally sell out quick. Be sure to get your preorder in. Also, for a limited time,
we are offering a FREE CVI Insignia set with preorders.

Just another quick note: The Soldier Story S2 body has been a succsess as it provides a good comprimise of
articulation, prportion and appearance. The neck design allows figures to have an open collar and not see a huge joint
However, the complaint has been that if the ball joint should pop out, it is very hard to get the head back on as the
ball post did not have length and would just push up into the head. You had to take the ball joint/post out of the head,
put that post back in the neck, and then put the head back on should your figure lose his head.

OLD version of Soldier Story head.

solder Story has listened and improved the design of the neck/head interface. Now, if your head pops off, of if you
want to swap heads, it is much easier as there is a double ball post that is easy to pop in and out. Thanks to Soldier
Story for always looking for ways to improve.