DiD Dirk Kluge German Fallschirmjager (80063)

DiD Dirk Kluge German Fallschirmjager (80063)

DiD's first military figure release was a German fallschirmjager, but that was years ago. Dirk is an example
how far DiD and the hobby in general has come in the past few years. Dirk comes with a wide assortment of
gear so you can configure him in field fighting or jump ready.

Medals are real metal as has become DiD's standard.

Helmet interior featuring leatherlike liner.

The chicken wire helmet has a great texture and the wire cover is well done.

Boots are the front lacing type in brown.

Sometimes DiD throws some random parts in with a figure that might not make the most sense for the
particular subject, but are welcome additions for using on other projects. The Feldgendarmerie gorget
is a not really applicable for this particular figure, but is always in demand.

Interior detail of jump smock.

FG42 is real metal and has working charging handle, bayonet, and bipod.

P-38 pistol is plastic and has working slide and removable magazine. Holster is leatherlike and very well done.

The folding entrenching tool is functional (folds) and is made from real metal and wood!

The fallschirmjager gravity knife is made from metal, but does not retract. Kind of a bummer there as it makes it hard to put in the working knife pocket in the trousers.

The FG42 magazine bandolier in splinter camo. Always a popular part.

Top pouch on both side is functional and one of the extra real metal magazines can be placed inside to provide weight.

The Luftwaffe 'sausage' life vest is another welcome addition.

Parachute pack comes with the canopy that allows for some great display options from a just landed FJ to hanging mid drop.