Soldier Story German WWII Afrika Korps Photo Review (SS-031)

Soldier Story German WWII Afrika Korps Photo Review (SS-031)

Soldier Story keeps the WWII coming with their first German release. I will have to admit that I am a bit biased as I am a sucker for DAK stuff, but that being said, Soldier Story has produced another outstanding figure with a great amount of gear and attention to detail. This is a pre-production figure and somehow the medals were lost on his way from China. They are included with the actual release.

Let's start with the tropical uniform. It is done in a great scale material and color. There is a great color spectrum for the tropical uniform and this is further complicated by the fact that the colors were changed by the exposure to the sun. All that being said, the color on the Soldier Story uniform is well within range. The buttons are functional and have a pebble texture.

Shoulderboards are cloth and are the button on type.

The tall tropical boots are AMAZING. Break out your tweezers when it comes time to put these on!

Overall tailoring and fit on uniform is well done.

The tropical M41 hat has a nice shape and metal grommets.

This being their first regular German release, we get to see what Soldier Story can do with the basic German web gear. Check out the detail on those tropical Y straps.

Notice rear side of Y straps with DAK logo.

Both the entrenching tool and bayonet are made from real metal.

The K98 pouches are functional. The set comes with 2 K98 clips both have the removable metal bullets.

Nice detailing on canteen.

Soldier Story has been known for their real wood and metal weapons and their take on the K98 rifle does not disappoint. Also, they included the cool action cover. This was used to protect the weapon from getting sand in the action.

The bayonet fits onto the rifle.

All geared up!

The helmet is the M35 type and is metal as has become the normal these days. Liner is leatherlike.

Showing the working action on the K98.

Taking a knee.

Reloading from the stripper clip.

Getting ready to toss the potato masher.

The tropical greatcoat is made from a great scale material. The problem with greatcoats in 1/6 is finding a heavy material that does not get too bulky and hangs right. I think Soldier Story did a great job on this one.

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