Sideshow GI Joe: Storm Shadow Photo Review (2611)

Sideshow GI Joe: Storm Shadow Photo Review (2611)

If you have read our past photo reviews, you know that the MD crew are Joe geeks. Sideshow has done a great job of bringing these classic characters into the "real" world by retaining some original design elements and combining them with realistic gear. Well Storm Shadow being a ninja, you kind of have to suspend some disbelief as there are not too many "real" ninjas running around these days. All that being said, Sideshow did a great job on this iconic character.

Box is the Sideshow tri-fold and has the great classic RAH GI Joe look complete with file card.

The look Sideshow went with has elements of both the 1st and 2nd versions of the figure. Pretty much a traditional ninja outfit.

Sideshow gave the figure two different heads: one masked and one unmasked. Both are nice sculpts and have an intense look.

In the comics, Storm Shadow was rarely shown without his mask, so there is no definitive look to his face. Sideshow did a nice job of representing him.

There is no shortage of gear with Storm Shadow as well as total of 9 hands to give you plenty of display options.

The inside of both belts has pockets for the shuriken stars. Storm Shadow comes with both a black and a white belt again allowing you more display options.

The bow has a real string and the arrows are able to be placed in the quiver.

Bow has enough flex to allow figure to be posed taking a shot.

Again, 9 hands allow for a wide variety of posing and display options.

The swords are plastic and can be placed in their sheaths.

Sideshow did a great job of representing this character that so many of us grew up with in one form or another. Sales on all the Sideshow Joe figures have been strong and Storm Shadow surely will not be on dealer shelves for long.

Now a small complaint: Any die hard Joe fan knows Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes have matching Arashikage Clan tattoos on their forearms. With Snake Eyes, the actual figure had a black arm so there was no tattoo. Storm Shadow does not have a tattoo. With his uniform on, you would never see it, but knowing it is there is a Joe geek thing. Monkey Depot is offering a FREE waterslide decal of the famous tattoo to anybody that preorders Storm Shadow from us. They are also available separately if you ordered elsewhere.