Soldier Story USMC WWII Flamethrower (SS-035)

Soldier Story USMC WWII Flamethrower (SS-035)

The USMC never seems to get its 1/6 due. There are far less devil dog figures produced compared to the army. Soldier Story give us their take on the mighty USMC in WWII with this release.

Note: This is a pre-preoduction sample and I have been told by Soldier Story that several details have been changed due to collector feedback. I am not 100% what these are, but know that the headsculpt paint and M41 jacket have both been revised in the final release.

Soldier Story has done a great job with scale herringbone twill (HBT) fabric on the USMC fatigues.

Again, the final sculpt paint job will be different.

Cloth boondocker boots with USMC leggings.

Soldier Story's great US canteen with cup with the distinctive USMC two dog ear canteen cover.

Solder Story is always looking to improve. The 1911 holster has been revised when compared to previous releases.

Back detail of revised holster showing new detail.

Included is the poncho with beach pattern showing. in real life, the poncho was reversible. The problem with making reversible items in 1/6 is that the material does not scale. Meaning, they can be too thick.

Set comes with a 48 star US flag.

The flamethrower shows how far the detail in 1/6 has gone. Real metal construction with cloth back panel.

The M41 field jacket saw extensive use by the USMC. Final release version is supposed to be somewhat changed.

Soldier Story listens to feedback and thankfully took off the embossing on the K-Bar sheath that was shown in the first preview photos. 2 of the outstanding 'pineapple' metal grenades are included.

The M2 flamethrower saw much more use in the Pacific due to the need to clear the Japanese from entrenched positions and bunkers. Soldier Story really did up the detail on this piece and it is the best version yet to be released.