Rifle Set: E&S PMC Weapon Set/Doom's Day Kit Boxed Figure: Bandai 1/12 Scale Samurai Captain America "Marvel" (BAN-19194) Head: YM Toys Female Head (YMT-10) Boxed Figure: Funko Savage World Friday The 13th Jason (30439)
Boxed Figure: Flagset Israel Wild Boy SF Sayeret Matkal Syria Infiltration (73017) Boxed Figure: Black Box 1940 Fashion Set (BHT-003) Boxed Figure: ThreeZero Michonne (902991) Boxed Figure: Green Wolf Gear DEVTAC Ronin (GWG-007)
Outfit: Super Duck Special Forces (SUD-SET033) Boxed Figure: Ring Toys Misty Midnight Jack The Ripper Deluxe Version (YZBR-00002B) Uniform Set: Alert Line WWII 1942 Red Army Infantry Lieutenant Officer Set (AL-100023) US Navy SEAL Winter Combat Training (MT-M011)