Boxed Figure: Soldier Story ISOF SAW Gunner (SS-107) Boxed Figure: Star Man Windbreaker Female Killer Of Battle Royale (MS-002) Boxed Figure: High Toys Republic Of China Air Force F 16 Fighting Falcon (HT1201) Uniform Set: Alert Line WWII The Soviets Female Soldier Sniper Set (AL-10020)
Boxed Vehicle: Dragon 1/6 M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer Tank UNPAINTED KIT (75046) Costume Set: Super Duck Cosplay Girl in White (SUD-SET026) Statue: DamToys 1/7 After-School Arena - First Shot: All-Rounder ELF (DAM-DMF001) Boxed Figure: CooModels 1/12 Teutonic Knight (CM-PE001)
Boxed Figure: BBK Toys Drive Driver (BBK-004) Boxed Figure: OneToys King Fighter Version A (OT-006A) Boxed Figure: DiD IJA 32nd Army 24TH Division - First Lieutenant Sachio ETO (JP639) Boxed Figure: DamToys 1/12 WWII SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich" Sturmbannführer (DAM-PES003)