Dog: Toys City Working Dog Series - German Shepherd (TC-M9007) Head: Peak Toys Natalie (PT-001) Boxed Figure: E&S S.A.D. Special Operation Group DA Operation (26012)
Boxed Figure: Toys Era The Laser Eye (TE-010) Boxed Figure: Phicen Captain Sparta (PL2016-98) Boxed Figure: E&S F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Team Field Operation Version (ES-26014A)
World Box Zombie Durable Body (WB-AT019) Boxed Figure: VTS The Darkzone Rioter (VTS-VM022) Uniform Set: Alert Line WWII Afrika Korps The Wehrmacht Suit (AL-10013)
Boxed Figure: DamToys U.S. Marine Tet Offensive 1968 (78038) Boxed Figure: Hot Toys The Punisher (903000) Boxed Figure: DiD 29TH Infantry Division “Radio Operator” - Paul (80115)

Monkey Depot Shirt: Mens Primate Empire

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Monkey Depot Shirt: Mens Primate Empire