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1/6 Model Kit: Dragon Bazooka Set, M1 & M9 (75008) UNPAINTED
Dragon Bazooka Set, M1 & M9 75008

List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: 75008

Product Code: BD0981


Description: Unpainted, unassembled model kit version of the M9 bazooka which was introduced in late 1943, though its increased performance was negated by thicker armor on German tanks. However, the bazooka could not only be used against tanks, for it proved highly effective against enemy emplacements such as concrete bunkers. Perhaps one of the bazookas greatest accolades was that it inspired Germany to create its own Panzerschreck of 8.8cm caliber.

Features: This famous "Tool of Victory" has been recreated precisely in 1/6 scale by Dragon's engineers. The injection-molded plastic kit includes parts to make two complete bazookas - an M1 and an M9. Detail is stunning on these large-scale reproductions, and they even include cloth shoulder straps as well. The bazookas come with the requisite rocket ammo, these being accurately sculpted. The M1 bazooka even has a wooden stock. Just like the real thing, the two-piece M9 bazooka tube can be separated into two parts for ease of transport. These bazookas are a handy accessory for 1/6 scale figures, or make interesting models in their own right.