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Boxed Figure: Dragon Brad Mason USMC Flamethrower (70767)
Dragon Brad Mason USMC Flamethrower 70767

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List Price: $64.99
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Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: 70767

Product Code: BD1069

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Brad Mason (Private First Class) - USMC Flamethrower, 4th Marines, 6th Marine Division, Operation Iceberg, Okinawa 1945

: Hot on the heels of HBO's The Pacific, Dragon releases a slew of new USMC figures.

- USMC 44-Pattern HBT Field Cap
- M1 Helmet
- Helmet Cover
- M1941 Field Jacket
- 1941-Pattern USMC Utility Jacket
- 1941-Pattern USMC Utility Trousers
- Sleeveless Undershirt
- USMC M1936 Leggings
- USMC Boots

- Private First Class insignia

- M2-2 Flamethrower
- K-BAR Knife w/Scabbard
- M1911A1 .45 calibre Pistol (Type 2) w/Magazine

- M1912 Small Arms Ammunition Pouch
- M1941 Suspenders
- USMC LC-2 First Aid Kit
- M1919 cal.45 Holster
- M1910 Canetten (Metal) w/Cross-Flap Cover
- M1936 Pistol Belt

- NEO 3 Body
- New Character Head
- Men Hands
- Clear Stand Mount