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Insignia: CVI German Luftwaffe Cap Insignia
Insignia CVI German Luftwaffe Cap Insignia

CVI Insignia
Our Price: $7.98
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: CVI0038

Product Code: CVI0038


Description: This robust set provides markings to replicate all common fabric Luftwaffe cap insignia during the war years. This includes patches for fliegermutze, tropical caps, M43s, panzer berets, and Hermann Meyer caps for all branches, including the panzer and sturmartillarie of the Herman Goring Division. They're also useful for marking field-made gear, such as splinter or Italian camo caps. Whether you're doing pilots, fallschirmjager, field divisions, or HG Division subjects, this set's got you covered.

CVI's insignia is printed on a dense-weave 100% cotton cloth fabric. Our art is re-rendered from original images in order to give you the greatest scale fidelity. Each set includes a detailed instruction sheet, usually with application illustrations, and a baggie to keep your loose and uncut patches together. To apply, just cut out the patch and use the adhesive of your choice. See our techniques page for more information.