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Insignia: CVI US Apollo 11-14 Moon Missions
Insignia CVI US Apollo 11-14 Moon Missions

CVI Insignia
Our Price: $7.98
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: CVI0056

Product Code: CVI0056


Description: This set offers patches and suitinstruction markings for the Apollo 11 through 14 mission AL-7 EMUs (Moon Suits). The set provides sufficient markings for a pair of astronauts from any of these four missions, allowing you to either enhance Dragon's stock offerings or to change them to other famous Moon explorers like Pete Conrad, Alan Shepard - even the ill-fated Apollo 13 crew. Includes name tapes for all the individual moon-walking crewmen. You'll be surprised how much is on the sheet (and how much was left off the production figures). A detailed instruction sheet gives placement instructions for all markings. Engineered for use with Dragon's "Buzz Aldrin" or "Buck" figures.

CVI's insignia is printed on a dense-weave 100% cotton cloth fabric. Our art is re-rendered from original images in order to give you the greatest scale fidelity. Each set includes a detailed instruction sheet, usually with application illustrations, and a baggie to keep your loose and uncut patches together. To apply, just cut out the patch and use the adhesive of your choice. See our techniques page for more information.