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Rifle: Crazy Dummy Mk46 Mod 0 SAW
Rifle: Crazy Dummy Mk46 Mod 0 SAW

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Our Price: $12.99
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Scale: 1/6

Product Code: CDL0082

The Mk46 was designed by FN at the request of Naval Surface Warfare Center for a lighter weight, more maneuverable SAW for special operations forces. The reduction in weight was achieved by removing the magazine feed mechanism, carrying handle, as well as the vehicle mounting points. In addition, they designed a new railed forearm for the mounting of SOPMOD accessories such as lights and lasers. The barrel is a shortened heavy version that is fluted. While the original para tubular butt stock was short, it was uncomfortable and harder to deploy. FN has a newly designed collapsible butt stock that contains a hydraulic recoil buffer that has found favor with the troops.
-Opening feed tray
-Folding bipod
-Working charging handle
-Collapsible butt stock
-Comes with sof MultiCam 100 round soft box ("Nut Sack")
-Section of metal rounds and links