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Boxed Vehicle: ZY Toys 1/6 Motorcycle Cruiser Special Version (ZY-15-26D) Boxed Vehicle: ZY Toys 1/6 Motorcycle In Yellow (ZY-15-26C) Clothing Set: Magic Cube Christmas Casual Style Set (MCM-055)
Clothing Set: POP Toys Leather Jacket Robot w/Coffin (POP-F21) Display Box: DamToys Saxon (EMPTY) Display Box: Hot Toys Captain America Star Spangled Man Version (EMPTY)
Display Box: Hot Toys Guardians Of The Galaxy - Gamora Display Box: Hot Toys Nick Fury - Captain America The Winter Soldier (EMPTY) Display Box: Hot Toys Pirates Of The Caribbean Angelica Sideshow Exclusive (EMPTY)
Display Box: Hot Toys Predators Noland (EMPTY) Display Box: Hot Toys Sucker Punch - Amber (EMPTY) Clothing Set: Magic Cube Black Python Camo Combat Suit (MCM-061)
Display: IHNS Toys The Cave A (IHNS-S00001A) Display: IHNS Toys The Cave B (IHNS-S00001B) Head: Cat Toys Carol - Battle Damaged (CAT-003C)
Head: Cat Toys Carol - Bloody (CAT-003B) Outfit Set: Cat Toys Carol (CAT-003A) Uniform Set: Mr. Toys Sexy Sniper (MT-2016-03A)
Weapon Set: Hobby Nut LED Dual Red Light Saber (HN- DM-01) Weapon Set: Hobby Nut RPS 6 (HN-RPS6) Uniform Set: Kaustic Plastik William Wallace: Scottish Highlander (GIKP-WH10KIT)
Uniform Set: Redman Sheriff Casual Edition (RM001)