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Figure: Phicen Steel Skeleton Sarina Valentina Base Body Ammo: Very Cool Russian Leather Pouch Armband: DiD WWII German Army Female Signals Cuff Title NH Des Heers
Armband: Very Cool Female Russian Traffic Armband Armor: Flirty Girl Black Leatherlike Arm Sleeves Armor: Hot Toys Wrist/Forearm Gauntlets
Armor: Phicen Black Leatherlike Forearm Gauntlets Armor: Phicen Bronze Coated Forearm Shields Armor: Phicen Bronze Coated Neck Shield
Armor: Phicen Bronze Coated Shin Shields Armor: Phicen Leather Arm Guards w/Bracelets Tool: Phicen Black Arm Wraps
Basket: Phicen Wicker Basket Belt: Phicen Black Leatherlike Belt w/Tiger Gear Buckle Belt: Phicen Blue Leatherlike Jet Belt
Belt: Phicen Brown Female Belt Belt: Phicen Female White Leather Belt Belt: Very Cool Female Black Leatherlike Belt
Belt: Very Cool Female Red Leatherlike Belt Belt: Very Cool Female White Leatherlike Belt Bikini: Phicen Animal Print Suit w/Wrist & Ankle Covers
Bikini: Phicen White Bathing Suit Blade: Phicen Sword w/Scabbard Blanket: Phicen Red Cloth
Boots: Very Cool Female White Leatherlike Boots w/Ankle Pegs Bow: Phicen Green 8" Plastic Bow Canteen: Very Cool Russian Canteen w/Pouch
Cape: EnToys Black Cape w/Blade Girl Logo Cape: Phicen Red Hooded Cape Cloth: Phicen Magician Felt Handkerchief
Coat: DiD Female Black Leather Jacket Coat: Very Cool Female Padded Jacket Coat: Very Cool Female Red Leather Jacket
Coat: Very Cool Female White Leather Jacket Coat: Very Cool Russian Cloak Comic: Phicen 1:1 Z-Girl And The 4 Tigers
Daggers: Phicen Sai Weapons (plastic) Display: Phicen Two Tier Weapon Holder Fan: Phicen Assault Fan
Fan: Phicen Assault Fan
Our Price: $2.50
Feet: Very Cool Caucasian Tone Flat Feet Figure: Phicen Steel Skeleton Sheena Base Body w/Stand Figure: Phicen New Stainless Steel Skeleton Tan Body w/Stand
Figure: Phicen Steel Skeleton Base Body Figure: Phicen Steel Skeleton Robyn Hood Base Body Flag: Phicen Red Flag Set w/Harness