TBLeague Mohegan Huntress Attire White (PL2022-196A) Hot Toys Thor: Love and Thunder Valkyrie (911757) ES N.S.W.D.G infiltration Team (ES-26051B) TBLeague Mohegan Hunter Attire Brown (PL2022-200B)
FacePool WWII US Ranger Combat Medic France 1944 (FP-010) Head: Super Duck Elf Female Head Sculpture (SUD-SDH038) DiD WWII German Großadmiral - Erich Raeder (GM650) Alert Line WWII German Nurse (AL-100040)
ZY Toys 1/6 US Army WWII Motorcycle (ZY-8038) DiD 1/12th WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 4 - Private Reiben (XA80012) ES Task Force 58 PO1 Brad w/Prosthetic Leg (ES-27005) Archer The Battle of Kamdesh Afghanistan (AR-MUS-001)