Archer The Battle of Kamdesh Afghanistan (AR-MUS-001) Virtual Toys Starship Force Team Leader (VTS-VM037N) Lucifer Cold Winter Big Suit (LXF-2208C) DiD 1/12th WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 4 - Private Reiben (XA80012)
Head: Super Duck Elf Female Head Sculpture (SUD-SDH038) DiD WWII US 29th Infantry Technician - Corporal Upham (A80156) Ujindou WWII British Commando Sniper 1944 (UD-9018) Hot Toys Thor: Love and Thunder - Gorr (911985)
DamToys Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong (DAM-DMS039) DamToys Extreme Zone Agent Hugh Laphroaig (DAM-EBS002) Flagset Soviet Red Alert Mobilize Troops (F73046) SooSooToys Old Man Logan (SST-045)