Figure: Very Cool Western Beauty (VCF-FX09) Very Cool Female SS Officer 2.0 (VCF-2051) Hot Toys Golden Armor Wonder Woman (Deluxe) (906348) COO Model Die-Cast Alloy Order Of The Sacred Garter (CM-SE069)
DiD WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 2 - Private Reiben Head: FacePoolFigure Discover History Series Vasily Zaytsev (FP-H-006) DAM Zombie German - SS Officer Kruger (93032) DiD 1/12th WWII US 101st Airborne Division Ryan (XA80001)
Outfit Set: Super Duck The Water Princess (SUD-SET053) DamToys French National Police Intervention Groups GIPN In Marseille (78076) DamToys NSWDG Naval Special Warfare Development Group AOR1 Ver (78065) Virtual Toys Wilderness Rider (VTS-VM026)