3R WWII German Party Leader (GM645) Boxed Accessory: DiD JG Furniture Set (GM615) ZAI Jugongchang 1/6 WWII German Tank Destroyers, Marder III (ZJ-800012) DamToys Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Motorized Rifle Brigade Mountain (DAM-78083)
Alert Line WWII U.S.NAVY Destroyer Commander (AL-100033) WWII US 29th Infantry Technician France 1944 Special Edition (FP-004B) Tool: Chingadera Ind. 1/6th Red Engineering Bricks (Set of 10) Accessory Set: Win C Studio Freddie Costume Set (WC-001B)
TBLeague Royal Defender-Golden (PL2020-172A) Boxed Figure: HY Toys Empire Corps-Captain Captain Fifty Deluxe Edition (HY-HH18010) Ujindou British Army Dispatch Riders (UD-9005) 1/6 Model Kit: Dragon 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck w/M2 .50-cal Machine Gun UNPAINTED KIT (75052)