DiD German Feldgendarmerie Jakob Blau 80055

DiD Jakob Blau German Feldgendarmerie (80055)

Karl Stroop was one of the better selling DiD figures so it is no suprise that they return
to a similar subject (Feldgendarmerie). However, don't think for a minute that this is
a rehash figure. Lots of great new bits along with other bits that have been out of the
market for some time.

Sculpts are an individual thing, but in our ever so humble opinion, this is one of the best
DiD has done. They have abandoned the translucent technique that they tried on the past
couple of figures. Kind of too bad, as we feel with some more refinement, it would add
a new level of detail to mass produced sculpts.

For a first in 1/6th so far, DiD brings us a K98a. The K98a was a rifle that saw use in WWI.
It was pressed into service in WWII especially by police and security forces.

The K98 ammo pouches are like the ones from earlier DiD releases except they are

The DiD rifle is made from real wood and metal and features a working bolt action.

The jackboots are typical DiD quality, but are shorter than previous releases.

Goggles are vinyl and not metal like earlier releases. This is a good thing as the metal
ones did not conform to the face.

Why is a Heer (army) Feldgendarmerie wearing a SS camo field made tunic? We don't have
any good answers for you there. BUT, DiD is known for adding value to the boxed set with
extra (if maybe unrelated) pieces. Always nice to have extra stuff for later kitbashes.

Tunic is lined inside with spring camo.

MP40 is metal and features working action and folding stock.

Set includes a pair of very nice MP40 ammo pouches.

Also making its first appearance from DiD is the tropical motorcycle coat. Very nice pattern
and has working buttons. Note the metal flashlight and gorget.

Back of greatcoat. Notice the metal cas mask can with gas cape pouch strapped on.

A great figure as is or a great assortment of parts to kitbash others. You are getting two
weapons and ammo pouches as well as a pile of other high quality gear.

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