Sideshow GI Joe: Snake Eyes Photo Review (2610)

Me and the guys at the Depot are GI Joe geeks, fanboys, nerds, whatever you would call it. We (and almost every other kid born 1973 or after) all grew up on GI Joe: A Real American Hero. The comics, the cartoon, and of course the toys. These characters are almost sacred. GI Joe was my business before Monkey Depot (buying and selling both Real American Hero and vintage 12" figures). When the 1/6 "revolution" started in about 1998, many of us sat around and wondered how cool it would be if the RAH (Real American Hero) characters were done in 1/6 wtih the quality and detail that companies were doing now. As 1/6 has advanced to its current level, it made the prospect even more appealing. Let's be blunt: Hasbro is just not set up to do such a figure. Hasbro is a legendary company that has laid the foundations of millions of American childhoods. However, they are a large company that is suited to putting containers full of toys in "big box" retailers and not to produce ultra niche products for us hardcore hobbyists. Fortunately, Sideshow Collectibles IS set up to serve that market. Through an arrangement with Hasbro, Sideshow has the license to product these classic RAH characters in a premium 1/6 scale format. Snake Eyes is the first of the series.

The Sideshow packaging is among the best in the business. The gatefold box is attractive has the classic look. Even with a file card on the back! Although, it would have been cool if the file card was exactly the same format as the others. Nitpicking here.

Box opens with gear loadout specifications as well as a small bio on the Joe team and Snake Eyes. The purpose of this line is kind of a big "what if?" To take the classic design elements of these characters and put them in a realistic context. Like "what if the GI Joe team was really operating?" To do this the Sideshow design team worked with Hasbro to capture the 'look' of these characters while providing them with real world gear and weapons.

Snake Eyes is certainly not lacking for gear. He is fully kitted out with weapons and gear that can be found in the 'real world'.

The uniform is a BDU type trousers with integrated knee pads and a sheer, form fitting, top and mask. This is even more realistic these days with the widespread military adoption of high tech fabrics in their uniforms such as the ones made by Under Armour and other companies.

Snake Eyes 'first line' kit consists of a riggers belt with a drop holster and subload smoke grenade pouch.

Gun is the Heckler and Koch Mk23 SOCOM .45 with silencer and laser aiming module. Slide functions on the pistol and silencer and LAM are removable.

Snake Eyes is a trained ninja of the Arashikage Clan (the same clan that produced Storm Shadow), so he is never far from a blade. Sideshow included the larger, more fantasy based sword that came with the second version of Snake Eyes (the one with Timber the wolf) as a nod to the 'little' RAH fans. The other tanto based sword is more realistic and looks like something that could have been produced by Strider Knives. The smaller tanto is set up for leg carry.

The tanto sword scabbard is set up as a bandolier for his frag grenades and other gear.

Snake Eyes is known as the "Silent Master", so it is fitting that both of his firearms are set up with silencers. The Mini Uzi is nicely detailed and has folding stock and removable silencer along with a single point slink for Snake Eyes to attach to his webbing.

Set includes lots o' mags and grenades to fill the pouches on the web gear.

Sideshow provides a ton of hands for various posing and weapon options. You get: 2 closed punching fists, two 'sword hold' hands, one gun hand, and a karate chopping hand. Gloves look like they were heavily influenced by the real Oakley design.

Also included are some boot options. Sideshow has gone with the molded 'boot feet' option similar to Hot Toys and other makers. This allows for a nicely sculpted scale boot that looks more in scale than an actual foot inside a boot.

The other feet are 'stepping' boots. Good for those 'creepin while yer sleepin' poses.

Here we have his 'second line' gear which consists of an integrated extraction harness with chest rig and web belt. The web belt has real metal grommets. All pouches are functional.

There has been some "discussion" about the size of Snake Eyes visor. To be blunt: I don't see what the hoopla is about. I think it looks well within the range that we have seen on various incarnations of the character from figure to illustrations.

Right wrist 'gauntlet' has an integrate compass.

The left has an integrated watch set to military time of course. Check out the Arashikage Clan symbol on the sword.

Frag pouches in the sword bandolier.

Every pocket and pouch is functional.



The body is the new Sideshow Promethius which allows for some unique posing.

Mission accomplished: the development team at Sideshow freaking nailed this one. They captured the essence of what is Snake Eyes and updated him. Quality on gear is up there with today's top tier makers.

If this is a sign of what's to come with the Sideshow Real American Hero line, Joe (and other 1/6 fans) are in for a real ride. I can't wait to see the next release which is Cobra Commander.

Stand with GI Joe: Real American Hero logo is inlcuded.