Sideshow GI Joe: Cobra Commander Photo Review (2614)

Sideshow GI Joe: Cobra Commander Photo Review (2614)

Cobra Commander is the second release in the Sideshow GI Joe series. Our love of all things GI Joe and Sideshow's intentions with this line has already been documented in the Snake Eyes Photo Review so we can get right to work here.

Same great gate fold packaging seen with Snake Eyes.

Cobraaaaaaaa! As stated before, the intention of this line is to take elements from the classic Hasbro
character designs and update them and make them a bit more "real world". The Sideshow design team
is walking the line between keeping the character true, and at the same time making them more realistic.
Cobra Commander is a bit tougher to do this with when compared to more straight military subjects
as there are not many terrorist master minds running around with hoods in the "real world". They have
done a great job here with the overall portrait. We will look more at that later. First let's dig into the gear.

Here is his belt and equipment. You have a subload for the MP7 mags, pouch for the Desert Eagle mags,
drop down Desert Eagle holster, and dress dagger. The dress dagger is a nice touch. It is obvious that
Hasbro took styling cues from WWII German designs on the original Cobra figures. Sideshow continues this
with the very German looking dagger and belt buckle.

He is armed with the Heckler & Koch MP7. This small and lightweight weapon is called
a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) and would be perfect for a guy like Cobra Commander
who is not a frontline troop. You can read more on the MP7 and its unique ammo HERE
It is well molded and features folding foregrip, extending stock, and silencer.

Cobra Commander is also armed with a Desert Eagle with working slide action. In addition, (and as a nod
to longtime Joe fans), he has his classic laser pistol. While not being a real world weapon, it is a nice add in
and tribute to the original design. There is no crazy backpack with a hole to mount it on like the 3 3/4 figure
(thank goodness).

As has been the trend with recent Sideshow figures, you get plenty of hand options to cover just about
any situation. The fists are especially cool and terrorist mastermind figures as they always look cool with
a raised fist.

The overall look of Cobra Commander looks to be inspired by the recent Tim Bradstreet drawings and
the Devils Due comic series. The portrait is well done and the eyes beam out from under the hood.

Some views of his belt kit:

HK MP7 mag pouch holds the 3 long HK mags.

There are "normal" feet under the boots rather than the "boot feet" like on Snake Eyes.

The uniform is a form fitting double breasted design.

The trench coat is well done with a vinyl material that has a nice scale flow to it. The coat is red lined and
has a wire in the bottom to enable the coat to be "posed".

Here we have the HK MP7 all kitted up and ready to rock.

Back of the coat.

Sideshow has done a great job with this line and Cobra Commander is another great update on a classic
character design. There are the elements that are familiar to Joe fans updated with a new more sinister look.

Cobra Commander has never looked so good!