Soldier Story US Army Future Combat Testing Systems SS-027

Soldier Story US Army Future Combat Testing Systems (SS-027)
Featuring Crye Precision MulticamŽ Equipment

Times change. Warfighting is more complex than ever and the foot soldier is faced with all sorts of new challenges: more equipment, heavy body armor, enemies that don't wear uniforms, and other modern aspects of combat.

Crye Precision has stepped up to help the modern warfighter meet these challenges by taking a critical eye to every piece of infantry uniform and equipment. This eye, with feedback from real in the field users, and cutting edge engineering has put Crye at the forefront of modern infantry equipment.

To solve the problem of troops having two uniforms (woodland and desert) Crye came up with a pattern that excelled in multiple environments now known as Multicam. Multicam is in use now by select elite units and law enforcement around the globe. You can see much more information on the real 1:1 gear and equipment by checking out the awesome Military Morons Blog. We are here to talk about the 1:6 action figure.

Soldier Story has been shaking up the world of 1/6 and offers up another outstanding figure. They have reproduced the Crye combat uniform down to the smallest detail including the zipper in the crotch for taking care of "business" in the field without having to drop your equipment and trousers.

A note about color: Multicam is hard to photograph to accurately portray the colors. You will notice that the hues and tones even in this grouping of pictures varies slightly. Just keep that in mind as you read this review.

Nice detail on the boonie including the adjustment cord on back.

The Crye Armor Chassis is an example of why Crye is at the top of modern body armor design.By implementing curved plates and a form fitting carrier, the Armor Chassis offers the soldier lighter weight and greater mobility than other designs. Soldier Story has managed to duplicate this complex piece in 1/6 scale.

At the rear of the vest, we see two hydration bladder carriers and the rear plate carrier.

Vest functions pretty much like the real one.

The Blast Belt offers a modular equipment belt with the option to include ballistic inserts (armor panels) that offer the soldier even more protection as well as an outstanding first line fighting belt. Again, Soldier Story has managed to capture all the details on this piece.

Rifle is the 416 carbine which also is seeing use by select elite units. Soldier Story did an awesome job on the tooling as you can see from the close up pics.

Selector works.Single point sling hooks are made from metal and are functional.

Charging handle works and bolt moves.

Front iron sight flips up and down.

Receiver halves can be separated.

Here our troop dons the vest and gets ready for some posing shots.

Sidearm is the Beretta M9 with Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard (TRL).