Soldier Story US Army FCS ACU Photo Review (SS-032)

Soldier Story US Army FCS Featuring Crye Precision in ACU (SS-032)

Hot on the heals of the almost instantly sold out US Army FCS in Multicam, Soldier Story releases a version in ACU pattern. Soldier Story has also given this version some unique gear to further set it apart from his ACU counterpart. Crye Precision is the leading innovator in modern uniforms and equipment. While they are best known for their Multicam pattern, they offer their gear in other colors and patterns as well. Perfect for units that want to have the cutting edge Crye gear while not sanding out from other troops with the Multicam. This figure is a production sample and the actual release will include a few bits not shown (grenades, etc). Let's take a look......

The first difference is the Crye Combat Shirt. This shirt is designed to keep the wearer cooler when wearing body armor as the body of the shirt is made from a wicking material.

The collar can be displayed open or closed.

Shirt also features the integrated elbow pads.

The Crye Blast belt offers troops increased armor protection with its integrated armored inserts. The ACU version comes with the suspenders to help with the heavy load.

This version comes with a drop down SERPA holster and Soldier Story's awesome 1911 .45.

Interior of Blast Belt.

Soldier Story's 1911 has been released before, but as a 1911 shooter, it still boggles my mind the detail they manage to put into it. This version is a railed model and comes with the Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard.

The safety and slide stop are both functional. Amazing.

Another difference on this release is the inclusion of Danner desert boots.

The HK 416 has been the hottest weapon in 1/6th to come along in a long time. This version features the short barreled (10.5 inch) version.

Also included are 20 round Magpul P-Mags with Ranger Plates. Some have asked why 20 rounds. Well, their smaller size comes in pretty handy in tight spaces and vehicles. They can also be loaded with specialty ammo and make it easier to keep the special ammo separate from the regular load out.

The Crye Armor Chassis is the same as the Multicam version.

Some shots of our guy gearing up loading his sidearm.

Getting ready to roll out. This version also has a set of Peltor headphones for the radio and a tan MICH helmet.

Close up of boom mic and PTT (push to talk) switch on vest.

All geared up and ready to roll.

Relaod time!

The charging handle of the 416 works!

Transition to sidearm.

In recoil.

Reloading sidearm.

Taking cover and returning fire.

Burned through all my mags.

Better call for resupply.

This ACU version was produced in far smaller numbers than the Multicam version, so it will not be out for long.