Soldier Story US NAVY DEVGRU Gold Team (SS-033)

Soldier Story US Navy SEALs DEVGRU Gold Team (SS-033)

DEVGU is the US Navy Special Warfare Development Group (sometimes referred to as SEAL Team 6). Most of what they do is classified of course, but what is known is that they get the cutting edge gear and uniforms. Soldier Story is always looking to bring the latest and greatest real gear into 1/6. This DEVGRU figure features some great new gear including the new AOR camo.

Uniform is the Crye Precision Generation 2 Combat Uniform in the new AOR pattern. The AOR pattern is in use by elite units. It is similar to USMC MARPAT. Soldier Story has done another amazing job on getting the details of the complex Crye gear. Also, check out the morale patch.

The Gen 2 uniform is an evolution of the combat tested Crye uniform that features a few improvements.

The hiking boots are amazing in detail.

The LBT emergency rappel kit can be used to tether the operator to an aircraft.

The Eagle Yote pack is an advanced assault pack.

The outer flap can be used to carry a helmet or other bulky items.

Photo with helmet in outer flap.

The pack can be worn with conventional straps or the straps can be stowed and the pack can interface with MOLLE/PALS body armor.

Vel Tye has come up with a low profile armor package that is modular to mission tailor. The Hugger vest with side plate carriers is smaller than other designs.

The LOWVIS chest rig is easily integrated with the armor.

The HK 416 with 10.5 inch barrel featuring the new PEQ 15 and EO Tech 553. Also, the much in demand SIG with Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard (TRL).