Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops V2.0 Photo Review (SS-037)

Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops V2.0 Photo Review (SS-037)

One of the best selling figures of last year was Soldier Story's CIA Special Activities Division (SAD) Night Ops so just like Hollywood blockbusters, it is time for a sequel! However, many times when a maker puts out a similar release it is just an addition or small change to the original. Not so with this one. The only thing in common with the first release is the color. They are both black. Other than that, this is an all new figure and gear.

Once again, we are short on time here at MD, so the photos will have to do most of the talking on this awesome release.

While the original figure had a plate carrier set up, this one has the vest over body armor set up. Vest is based on a Tactical Tailor piece.

Note that there are TWO Beretta M9's included (one on the vest and one in the drop holster).

Rather than the skull balacava, this figure comes with a skull bandanna to cover the lower face.

This set marks the release of Soldier Story's awesome G36. Working action, folding stock, working selector. All the detail you have come to expect from Soldier Story.

Jacket is the T.A.D. Gear Stealth softshell. The hard use softshell in use the world over by both combat troops and wilderness enthusiasts.

Uniform is the Crye Precision Combat in black.

Great expressive headsculpt.

Sorry for not snapping more pictures of the shotgun. It is mostly metal and features a sliding action and spring loaded loading ramp. Also, note the two Berettas as one is a railed version and one is the normal version.

Word on the street is that this guy is already oversold from the distributor. Meaning, they will not get enough to go around. make sure you have your preorder in as this one is going to vanish as quick as the original.