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Boxed Figure: TBLeague Rocketman (RBER-Rocketman) (MDSO)
Boxed Figure: TBLeague Rocketman (RBER-Rocketman)

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Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: RBER-Rocketman

Product Code: PC0100

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One of the most fondly remembered and instantly recognizable characters in 1950’s science fiction adventure is ROCKETMAN. With the trademark bullet-shaped helmet, black leather jacket, and rocket-pack, this 1950’s era icon safeguarded Earth from off-world alien invaders, evil robots, terrestrial henchmen, mad scientists and malevolent Martians. The Rocketman in his amazing atomic-powered flying suit made many appearances including 1949’s classic cliffhanger, “King of the Rocketmen”, in the 1952 serials, “Radar Men From The Moon”, and “Zombies of the Stratosphere”, and a short-lived theatrical series entitled, “Commando Cody, Sky Marshal of the Universe”. This first ever 1:6 scale figure of the Rocketman, with the likeness of actor George Wallace, captures the retro-futuristic flying action that continues to influence countless entertainment properties from Star Trek to Star Wars to Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer.
- Portrait of George Wallace
- Metal Helmet w/ Working Visor & Flight Cap
- Metal Jet-Pack
- Metal Luger w/ Raygun Attachments & Clip
- Metal Canon
- Metal Control Panel w/ Adjustable Knobs
- Radio
- Leathe