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Boxed Figure: DID U.S. Navy CNSWG-4 22RD SBT Weimy (MA1002)
Boxed Figure: DID U.S. Navy CNSWG-4 22RD SBT Weimy (MA1002)

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Our Price: $159.99
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: MA1002

Product Code: DI0186


Special Boat Team
Part List
Authentic headsculpt X 1
New all-era body X 1
M-Pact 2 heavy Duty Glove hand X 3 pcs
Yellow light stick X 2
OD green military sticker X 1
Tactikka Plus Headlamp X 1
Photon Micro-Light II X 1
MS-2000M strobe Light X 1
American Flag Patch X 1
MC-2G Global Navigator Compass X 1
MICH 2000 helmet W/ Camo Paint X 1
NVG Lanyard for the L2 G05 NVG Mount X 1
L2 G05 NVG Mount X 1
Integrated Breakaway Base and Universal NVG Mount X 1
Black AN/PVS15 Night Vision goggles w/ Bikini Cover X 1
Comtac III Dual Comm Headset X 1 + Microphone windscreen covers X 1
O-frame MX goggles X 1
G.I. Issue Navy Knit Watch Cap X 1
BugEye Action Eyewear Goggles X 1 pair
Black long sleeve T-shirt X 1
(Navy Modified) woodland-camo RAID BDU (Shirt) X 1 pcs
Green-grey NSW GORE-TEX jacket X 1
Black NSW SPEAR Body Armor Carrier X 1
0292D NSW Chest Rig (Extra with SBT, SWCC Custom Strap)
Special Boat Team Patch X 1
River Rat Patch X 1
Special Boat Team DBG Patch X 1
Ranger Green Tactical Arm Band ID Holder X 1
Photo of most-wanted terrorist Map
Silver Screw Gate Straight D Carabiner X 1
U-94 PTT for MBITR Radio X 1
Comtac PTT For MBITR Radio X 1
Multiband InterIntra Team Radio (MBITR) speaker X 1
TK-5400 Portable Radio X 1
Double 9MM Mag Pouch X 1
Paramedic Scissors X 1 pair
CQBW rifie sling X 1
MK18 MOD 0 Cabine rifle w/ OverMolded Pistol Grip X 1
M900V Vertical Foregrip
SpecterDR Optical Weapon Sight Riflescope 1.5-6x X 1
AN/PEQ-15 Integrated Pointer Illuminator Module (IPIM) X 1
RIS Forward Grip X 1
Vector Altimeter Watch X 1
GCS navigator receiver X 1
OD green Tactical Level III Assault Backpack X 1
Water Beast Reservoir X 1
Woodland-camo Boonie hat X 1
Black Riggers Rescue Belt X 1
MK24 pistol x 1 w/ mag x 3
Black CQC Serpa Holster w/ High Ride Duty Belt Loop X 1
Sidearm Retracting Tether X 1
Black 511-L3 Carabiner X 1
GPSmap 76CSX X 1
RLCS Molle GPS Pouch X 1
Military Space Pens X 1
M18 smoke grenade (Yellow) X 1
RLCS Double M4 Mag Pouch X 1
Tactical Flotation Support System (TFSS) X 2
Seal Pup Knives Sheath X 1
Black Pup Elite Fixed Knife X 1
Extraction Personal Retention Lanyard X 1
Inner-cotton shorts X 1
(Navy Modified) woodland-camo RAID BDU (Pants) X 1 set
Black Dual Magazine Drop Leg Pouch X 1
M4 Magazine x 5 w/ Ranger Plate X 1
SOF Tactical Tourniquet X 1
Groud Control Station(GCS) + Sun-shading cover
S2V Special-Ops Tactical Boots X 1 pair
RQ-11 Raven Miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft-system X 1