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Boxed Figure: Very Cool Female Mercenary "Heart King" (VC-TJ04)
Boxed Figure: Very Cool Female Mercenary "Heart King" (VC-TJ04)

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Our Price: $144.99
Sale Price: $124.99
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: VC-TJ04

Product Code: VC0079

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BOXED FIGURE (Original Packaging)
SHIPPING SAVER (Removed From Box)

She is a supportive mercenary who is proficient in using assault rifle. She has beautiful eyes like two crystal grapes, which is decorated with babyish and long
eyelashes on her face, the blood colour with voluptuous hair is full of icy chill, when she dresses up like a sexy girl scouts, she is extremely conspicuous in this
bloody battlefield. Her name is "heart king"
-Exquisite simulation head sculpt
-VC3.0 busty female for the body(soft breast )
-Yellow army cap of ship form
-Yellow midriff-baring leather jacket
-Yellow tight leather pants
-White underwear
-Red T-back
-High-heeled leather boots
-Cap badge
-Army card
-Elbow pads*2
-Dismountable backpack
-Straps of leather chest wrap
-Armband for WeFire*2
-Honeycomb for arm guard *2
-Leather belt
-Smoke bomb*2
-Sanlian package
-Leg guard*2
-Leg hanging holster
-M1911 gun
-M1911 gun clip
-AK47submachine gun
-AK47submachine gun clip*2
-Natural hand-shape Gloves(1 pair)
-Hook shot glove for hand(1 pair)