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Boxed Figure: DamToys US Navy Special Operations Development Group NSWDG-AOR2 Camo Ver. (78072)
DamToys US Navy Special Operations Development Group NSWDG-AOR2 Camo Ver. (78072)

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Our Price: $209.99
Scale: 1/6
Size: 12 in tall (approx)
Mfg. Number: 78072

Product Code: DMB0201

Box Options

BOXED FIGURE (Original Packaging)
SHIPPING SAVER (Removed From Box)

Head carving
DAM 3.0 Hands-On X2 for Body Gloves
ORIGINAL tactical gloves
FAST Bulletproof High Cut Helmet AOR2 Helmet Cover
HELSTAR 640 strobe light
V-LITE light signal (blue)
L4G24 NVG base
AN / PVS-31 BNVD Night Vision
NVG battery / cable
NVG filter lens
NVG Lens Protective Cap
NVG counterweight package (CB)
COMTAC III Headphone and Helmet Rail Connector
AN / PRC-148 MBITR Radio
U94 V.2 PTT switch
SUUNTO VECTOR Watch Red Wing Commemorative T-Shirt (White)
Red Wing Commemorative T-Shirt (Black)
Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Black)
Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Gray)
Jeans socks
OLD SKOOL Skate Shoes (AOR2)
6094A PLATE CARRIER Tactical Vest (AOR2)
2645A 3MAG Magazine Insert
6074A Night Vision Bag (AOR2)
9015A Medical Kit (AOR2)
6038A Double Pistol Magazine Bag (AOR2)
9010A M4 Magazine Bag (AOR2)
9039A Module Assault Backpack (AOR2)
2586B Executive Bag (AOR2)
9026A Muffler Package (AOR2)
0612F Rigging belt (AOR2)
Recycling bag (AOR2)
9022B-T First Aid Kit (CB)
SUITE-FRAG Grenade Bag (MC) X2
Safety rope hanging buckle
NSW Tourniquet Plastic Handcuffs X2
Signal stick X5
MK13MOD0 Flash Shock X2
M67 Fragmentation Grenade X2
WK001 Belt knife
6354DO ALS OPTIC Tactical Pistol Holster (MC)
G-17 4th generation pistol and tactical light red dot sight pistol muffler capacity + 3 pistol magazine X2
HK416D 14.5 ”rifle
CTR Stock
RVG Grip
SF556 muffler and muffler cover (CB)
MAG525, MAG526 45 degree backup mechanical sight
SPECTER DR 1.5X-6X Combat Scope Red Dot Scope
LA5 PEQ Laser Pointer
M600 Tactical Light and Low Profile Mounting Strap Loop
M4 Magazine X6
2500BZ Gun Strap (AOR2)
401 GPS
NSWDG Red Team Chapter Morale Chapter A
Morale Chapter B
Banner Chapter A
Banner Chapter B
Tires are not included

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