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PREORDER Boxed Figure: Flagset PLA Airborne Forces (F73023 (MDSO))
Flagset PLA Airborne Forces (F73023)

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Scale: 1/6
Size: 12 in tall (aprox)
Mfg. Number: F73023
Expected To Ship 3rd Qtr 2019

Availability: Pre-Order
Product Code: FS0023

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1. heads
2.5.0 element
3. helmet
4. Glove Hands*1 Pair
5. Wire Hands*1 Pairs
6. headphones
7. goggles
8.03 rifle
9.03 Rifle Guide Kit
10. aiming device
11. grip
12. Infrared Laser
13. Rifle Bullet Clamp*3
14. Helmet Night Vision Support
15. night vision instrument
16.92 pistols
17.92 Pistol Bullet Clamp*2
18. Tactical Helmets
19. Sabre
20. scabbard
21. walkie talkie
22. Beidou positioning

23. pliers
24. T-shirt
25. Training jacket
26. Training trousers
27. cold cap
28. collar
29. Tactical gloves
30. goggles sleeve
31. Tactical vest
32. Tactical Belt
33. Knee Protector * 1 pair
34. kettle bag A
35. army shovel pack
36. Bottle bag B
37. Airborne Luggage
38. Toolkit
39. Leg Hanging Toolkit
40. holster
41. Military boots*1 pair
42. Collars*1 pair
43. Chest * 1 pair
44. Morale stamp*1
45. Flag Seal*1