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Armor: Kaustic Plastik Lorica Muscolata Axe: Coo Models Viking Double-Bladed Axe (Metal) Axe: Coo Models Viking Metal Axe
Bag: Coo Models Viking Leather Wineskin Belt: Coo Models Mens Belt w/Fur Belt: Coo Models Mens Leatherlike Belt
Belt: Kaustic Plastik Decorated Belt w/Dagger & Sheath Boxed Figure: Kaustic Plastik Alae Quingenaria (1st Century AD) (GIKP-WH16) Boxed Figure: Kaustic Plastik Roman Legionary (1st Century AD) (GIKP-WH15)
Cape: Kaustic Plastik Red Cape Helmet: Coo Models Metal Fin Shaped Helmet Helmet: Coo Models Viking Bull Helmet (Metal)
Helmet: Coo Models Viking Giant Bull Helmet (Metal) Helmet: Kaustic Plastik Roman Imperial Gallic Type E Helmet Pads: CM Toys Roman Gladiator Cloth Leggings
Pants: Coo Models Mens Black Pants w/Slight Weathering Pants: Kaustic Plastik Mens Brown Short Pants Boxed Figure: BIO Inspired Halberdier The Aramis (BFB-003)
Boxed Figure: BIO Inspired Lancer The Porthos (BFB-002) Boxed Figure: BIO Inspired Rodeleros The Athos (BFB-001) CM Toys Roman Gladiator Trainer (CMT-CM003)
Boxed Figure: COO Models Goddess Of Underworld Hades (CM-HS002) Boxed Figure: COO Models Goddess Of Wisdom Athena (CM-HS01) Boxed Figure: COO Models Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment Set (CM-SE038)
HY Toys Imperial Army Centurion (HY-HH18002) Boxed Figure: HY Toys Imperial Army Reloaded Infantry (HY-HH18001) Boxed Figure: POP Toys Saint Knight Charge Version (POP-EX19A)
Boxed Figure: POP Toys Saint Knight Triumph Version (POP-EX19B) Boxed Figure: SGToys Crown Knight (SGT-EK001) Puttees: Kaustic Plastik Brown Cloth Puttees
Shirt: Kaustic Plastik Mens Red Tunic Vest: Kaustic Plastik Brown Leather Vest Weapon: TBLeague War Club