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Ammo: DAM M1911 Magazine Ammo: DamToys M60 7.62MM Linked Ammo Belt Bag: DamToys M17A1 Gas Mask Bag (Weathered) Belt: DamToys M1956 Belt
Belt: DamToys Thin Green Cloth Belt Boots: DamToys 3rd Pattern Jungle Boots Bottle: DamToys Insect Repellent Boxed Figure: DamToys U.S. Marine Tet Offensive 1968 (78038)
Canteen: DamToys 1QT Canteen Cover: DamToys Nylon Poncho Figure: DamToys 3 Muscle Body w/Neck Post & Rubber Muscle Arms Grenade: DAM M26 Frag (Lemon)
Grenade: DamToys INCEN TH Grenade Grenade: DamToys M18 Smoke Canister Violet Grenade: DAM M18 Smoke Canister Yellow Head: DamToys U.S. Marine Tet Offensive 1968
Head: DamToys U.S. Marine Tet Offensive 1968
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $13.99
Head: DamToys U.S. Marine Tet Offensive 1968 Holster: DamToys M1911 Black Holster Knife: DamToys Ka-Bar Knife w/Sheath Pack: DamToys Arvn Rucksack
Helmet: DamToys M1 Helmet
Our Price: $16.99
Pants: DamToys 2nd Pattern OG 107 Pants (Weathered) Pistol: DamToys M1911A1 Pouch: DamToys M1944 Canteen Pouch (Weathered) Pouch: DamToys M60 Cloth Ammo Bandoleer
Pistol: DamToys M1911A1
Our Price: $9.99
Pouch: DamToys USMC Jungle First Aid Kit Pouch (Weathered) Rifle: DamToys M60 Machine Gun w/7.62MM Linked Ammo Shirt: DamToys OD Green T Shirt Shorts: DamToys Knee Length White Padded Shorts
Smoke: DamToys Pack Of Marlboro Strap: DamToys Black Helmet Band Tool: DAM Carabiner Tool: DamToys Single Ankle Peg
Tool: DamToys Carabiner
Our Price: $0.15
Tool: DamToys Single Wrist Peg Vest: DamToys USMC M1955 Flack Vest