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Ammo: DamToys 5.8mm Mag Boots: DamToys Black Molded Tactical Boots Canteen: DamToys 1QT Canteen Flashlight: DamToys Surefire M600 Flash Light
Ammo: DamToys 5.8mm Mag
Our Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.50
Grenade: DamToys Flashbang Hat: DamToys Combat Cap Head: DamToys Earl Helmet: DamToys QGF11 Ballistic Helmet w/Night Vision Monocular
Hat: DamToys Combat Cap
Our Price: $0.50
Head: DamToys Earl
Our Price: $17.99
Holster: DamToys Drop Leg Pistol Holster Insignia: DamToys Chinese People's Armed Police Force Snow Leopard Commando Unit Team Leader Patch Set Insignia: DamToys People's Republic of China Patch Light: DamToys Helmet Light
Pistol: DamToys QSZ92 Pistol Pouch: DamToys 3 Piece Pouch Set (Camo) Pouch: DamToys Canteen Pouch Pouch: DamToys Double Pistol Mag Pouch (Ammo Not Included)
Pouch: DamToys GP Pouch Pouch: DamToys Mag Pouch (No Ammo) Pouch: DamToys Rifle Shell Collector Pouch Rifle: DamToys QBZ95 Rifle
Pouch: DamToys GP Pouch
Our Price: $0.10
Shield: DamToys Protech Defender Level IIIA Shield Sight: DamToys EO Tech 552 Sight: DamToys M4 Reddot Sight w/Covers Tool: DamToys Single Ankle Peg
Uniform: DamToys Chinese People's Armed Police Force Vest: DamToys Type 15 Tactical Vest w/Throat, Yoke, Collar & Groin Protector Watch: DamToys G-Shock
Watch: DamToys G-Shock *READ NOTES
Our Price: $1.50
Sale Price: $0.99