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Ammo: DAM M16 30R Magazine Ammo: DamToys HK416 Magazine Ammo: DamToys Pistol Mag Flag: DamToys Rolled US American Flag
Flashlight: DamToys M600 Scout Light w/Low Profile Mount Flashlight: DamToys MPLS LED Helmet Light Grenade: DAM M67 Frag Grenade: DamToys MK13 Flashbang
Handcuffs: DamToys ASP Flex Cuff (Single) Head: DamToys Phil Helmet: DamToys Mens Fast Maritime (AOR1) w/L4G32 NVG Mount Holster: DamToys 6354DO ALS Optic Tactical Holster (MC)
Head: DamToys Phillip
Our Price: $27.99
Insignia: DamToys Don't F*ck With Us Patch Insignia: DamToys US Flag Patch Knife: DamToys Winkler Belt Knife w/Leather Sheath Pouch: DamToys 9022B Modular Blow Out Pouch
Pouch: DamToys Dual Pistol Mag Pouch (AOR1) Pouch: DamToys NJPC Radio Pouch (Left) (AOR1) Pouch: DamToys NJPC Radio Pouch (Right) (AOR1) Pouch: DamToys Wrist Admin Pouch w/Photo
Sight: DamToys LA5-PEQ Aiming Laser Tool: DamToys 1/1 Scale Silica Gel Packet Tool: DamToys 2367 Personal Retention Lanyard Tool: DamToys Black Carabiner
Tool: DAM Feet (Socket Type) Tool: DamToys GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic NVG w/Battery Pack Tool: DamToys Multi Tool w/Black Gerber Pouch Tool: DamToys NSW Military Emergency Tourniquet (MET)
Tool: DamToys Purple Chemlight Tool: DamToys Single Wrist Peg Tool: DamToys Velcro Set Uniform: DamToys Mens AOR1 Combat Uniform
Tool: DamToys Velcro Set
Our Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.75
Watch: DamToys Suunto Watch