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Ammo: DamToys AK74 40 Rd Mag DamToys Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Military Police (DAM-78086) Head: DamToys Jimmy Helmet: DamToys Mens 6b47 Helmet w/Cover (Digital Flora)
Head: DamToys Jimmy
Our Price: $31.99
Insignia: DamToys Russian Federation Patch Set Knife: DamToys Ak74 Bayonet w/Scabbard Mask: DamToys Mens Tan PMK-4 Gas Mask w/Filter Lens Pad: DamToys Sitting Mat (Digital Flora)
Pads: DamToys Mens Elbow Pads (Digital Flora) Pads: DamToys Mens Knee Pads (Digital Flora) Panel: DamToys Mens MOLLE Groin Protector Plate (Digital Flora) Peg: DamToys Single Black Wrist Peg (Lighter Tone)
Pistol: DamToys Makarov PM Pouch: DamToys 5 Piece Pouch Set (Digital Flora) Pouch: DamToys Drop-Leg Gas Mask Bag (Digital Flora) Pouch: DamToys Single Ammo Pouch (Digital Flora)
Pouch: DamToys Single Ammo Pouch Set (Digital Flora) Rifle: DamToys Black AK-74M Shirt: DamToys Mens Sailor Tank Top Sight: DamToys Obzor 1P63 Sight
Tool: DamToys 1/1 Scale Silica Gel Packet Tool: DamToys Black Police Baton w/Holster Tool: DAM Feet (Socket Type) Tool: DamToys ROP Flares
Tool: DamToys Single Ankle Peg (Longer) Tool: DamToys Single Ankle Peg (Medium Length) Uniform: DamToys Mens Russian Desert Uniform Uniform: DamToys Mens VKBO BDU Uniform (Digital Flora)
Vest: DamToys Mens 6B45 MOLLE Armor Vest (Digital Flora)