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Boots: DiD WWII US M43 Boots w/Feet (Weathered) Canteen: DiD WWII US Canteen w/Cover (Weathered) Display: DiD The Bombing (18.5" X 13.5") Figure: DiD All Era Action Body (No Head, No Hands & No Feet)
Flag: DiD Japanese Good Luck Flag Hands: DiD Bendy (Dirty) Hands: DiD Weapon Grip Harness: DiD U.S. Suspenders
Hands: DiD Weapon Grip (Dirty) *READ NOTES
Our Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.50
Map: DiD Attack On Shuri Defenses Pistol: DiD 1911 Pouch: DiD WWII US First Aid Pouch (Weathered) Pouch: DiD WWII US M2 First Aid Kit Pouch
Pistol: DiD M1911
Our Price: $7.99
Shirt: DiD Green T-Shirt Tool: DiD Single Wrist Peg