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Boxed Figure: DiD WWII German U-Boat Johann (80149) Display: DiD The Sunset Figure: DiD Smaller Base Body (No head, hands or feet) Gloves: DiD German WWII Gray Knit w/Bendy Hands
Goggles: DiD German U-Boat Goggles Hands: DiD Relaxed Hands Hands: DiD Mens Weapon Grip Head: DiD Johann
Head: DiD Johann
Our Price: $29.99
Insignia: DiD German Pips Insignia: DiD U-Boat Metal Insignia Light: DiD Morse Lamp Insignia: DiD German Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge
Medal: DiD Iron Cross Insignia: DiD Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Badge Medal: DiD Kriegsmarine Shoulder Board Bootsmannsmaat Cyphers Medal: DiD Kriegsmarine Shoulder Board Cyphers
Insignia: DiD U-Boat Combat Clasp in Silver Pants: DiD Mens German U-Boat Black Deck Pants (genuine leather) Scarf: DiD Blue Plaid Scarf Shirt: DiD Mens Blue Sweater
Shoes: DiD Black Dress Shoes Smoke: DiD Cigarette Tie: DiD German WWII Black Tool: DiD 1/1 Scale Button Hook Tool
Smoke: DiD Cigarette
Our Price: $0.50
Tool: DiD German WWII 7 X 50 Binoculars Tool: DiD U-Boat Boatswain's Whistle Uniform: DiD German Kriegsmarine Officer Uniform Vest: DiD German Black Life Jacket
Watch: DiD German Pocket Stopwatch