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Ammo: DiD US WWII .30 Cal Cloth Ammo Belt w/Metal Rounds Ammo: DiD US WWII M1 Garand Clip w/Bullets DiD WWII US 29th Infantry Technician - Corporal Upham (A80156) Canteen: DiD US WWII M1910 Canteen w/Cover
Display: DiD The Forrest Sunrise Backdrop Figure: DiD Smaller Base Body (No head, hands or feet) Grenade: DiD US WWII MK IIA1 Frag Grenade (Metal) Hands: DiD Bendy Hands
Hands: DiD Mens Weapon Grip Helmet: DiD M1 Helmet - 29th Infantry Division w/Netting (Metal) Insignia: DiD Lift-Dot Set Insignia: DiD WWII US Army Technician 5th Grade Rank Patches
Knife: DiD Bayonet w/Sheath Pack: DiD M1928 Haversack Pouch: DiD WWII US First Aid Pouch Shirt: DiD Mens Brown Long Sleeve Shirt
Smoke: DiD Cigarette Tool: DiD Feet w/Ankle Pegs Tool: DiD M1943 Entrenching Tool w/Carrier (Metal) Watch: DiD Watch w/Black Leatherlike Band
Smoke: DiD Cigarette
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