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Binoculars: DiD German WWII Binoculars w/Black Strap DiD WWII German Panzer Commander - Jager (D80160) Case: DiD German WWII Map Case (Genuine Leather) Display: DiD The Panzer Tank Backdrop (Smaller)
Feet: DiD Mens Feet Figure: DiD Advanced Slim Body w/Pegs (Shorter) Gloves: DiD German WWII Gray Knit w/Bendy Hands Hands: DiD Mens Weapon Grip
Feet: DiD Mens Feet
Our Price: $3.99
Head: DiD Jager w/Scars Holster: DiD Brown P38 Holster (genuine leather) Insignia: DiD German Pips Medal: DiD Iron Cross
Head: DiD Jager w/Scars
Our Price: $34.99
Medal: DiD Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross Pistol: DiD P38 Pistol Radio: DiD German WWII Headset w/Throat Mic Rifle: DiD MP38 Rifle w/Sling
Pistol: DiD P38 Pistol
Our Price: $3.99
Ring: DiD Silver Ring Smoke: DiD Cigarette Tie: DiD German WWII Black Tunic: DiD Mens German WH Black Panzer Jacket
Smoke: DiD Cigarette
Our Price: $0.25
Tunic: DiD Mens German WH Black Panzer Jacket
Our Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $8.99
Watch: DiD Watch w/Black Leatherlike Band