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Ammo: DamToys Box of Ammo (Handgun) Ammo: DamToys Box of Pistol Ammo Ammo: DamToys Box of Shotgun Ammo DamToys Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy (DAM-DMS030)
Cuffs: DamToys Handcuffs (Does not open) Figure: DamToys Taller 3.0 Action Body w/Ankle Pegs Head: DamToys Leon Kennedy Light: DamToys Black Flashlight w/Holster
Pistol: DamToys 1911 Rifle: DamToys MP5A3  w/Scope + Sling Rifle: DamToys Remington Shotgun w/Sling Stand: DamToys Leon Kennedy Figure Stand
Pistol: DamToys 1911
Our Price: $7.99
Tool: DamToys Set of 4 Keys Tool: DamToys Single Wrist Peg Weapon: DamToys 4-Barreled Rocket Launcher