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Boots: DamToys Molded Leather Boots Boxed Figure: DamToys Gangster Kingdom Heart 3 Bartley (DAM-GK014) Comic: DamToys 1:1 Heart 3 Bartley Dog: DamToys Rottweiler
Hands: DamToys Lefty Trigger Finger Hands w/Rings Hands: DamToys Righty Trigger Finger Hands w/Rings Head: DamToys Bartley Pants: DamToys Black Dress Slacks
Head: DamToys Bartley
Our Price: $19.99
Pistol: DamToys 1911 Machine Pistol Pistol: DamToys 1911 Machine Pistol w/Extended Mag Smoke: DamToys Cigar Tie: DamToys Green Dress Tie
Smoke: DamToys Cigar
Our Price: $2.99
Tool: DamToys 1:1 Scale 3 of Hearts Card Tool: DamToys Cigar Cutter Tool: DamToys Single Ankle Peg Tool: DamToys Single Wrist Peg
Top: DamToys Padded Shirt Watch: DamToys Gold Pocket Watch