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Apron: DamToys Mens Bloody Apron Arm: DamToys Bloody Severed Limb Belt: DamToys Black Belt w/H Buckle DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Spade David and Dobermann (DAM-GK022)
Tool: DamToys 1:1 Spade A Coat: DamToys Mens Fur Collard Coat Comic: DamToys 1:1 Spade A David Figure: DamToys Spade A David Tattooed Body w/Ankle Pegs
Glasses: DamToys Gold Frame Sunglasses w/Green Tint Guts: DamToys Bloody Intestines Hands: DamToys Mens Hand Set Hands: DamToys Mens Molded Gloved Hands
Guts: DamToys Bloody Meat
Our Price: $12.99
Head: DamToys David Knife: DamToys Bloody Bone Saw Knife: DamToys Bloody Cleaver Leg: DamToys Mens Bloody Severed Limb
Head: DamToys David
Our Price: $24.99
Machine: DamToys Bloody Meat Grinder Pants: DamToys Mens Black Dress Pants Pistol: DamToys Gold 1911 Shirt: DamToys Mens Bloody Sleeveless Shirt
Machine: DamToys Bloody Meat Grinder
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $37.99
Pistol: DamToys Gold 1911
Our Price: $14.99
Shoes: DamToys Mens Molded Dress Shoes Tie: DamToys Mens Neck Tie Tool: DamToys 1/1 Scale Silica Gel Packet Tool: DamToys Single Wrist Peg (Lighter Tone)
Tub: DamToys Bloody Bucket Vest: DamToys Mens Black Vest Weapon: DamToys Bloody Axe