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Bandages: TBLeague 4 Adhesive Bandages Bandages: TBLeague 4 Strips Of Bandages Boxed Figure: TBLeague Painkiller Jane (PL2016-94) Hands: TBLeague Dirty Weapon Grip
Hands: TBLeague Molded Fingerless Gloved Dirty Hands Head: TBLeague Painkiller Jane Knife: TBLeague Bloody Blade w/Sheath Necklace: TBLeague Multi Colored Bead Necklace
Pants: TBLeague Red Pants Pistol: TBLeague H&K P8 Shirt: TBLeague Red Tank Top Suit: TBLeague Skull Bikini
Pants: TBLeague Red Pants (Slightly Dirty)
Our Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $2.99
Pistol: TBLeague H&K P8
Our Price: $2.50