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Armor: TBLeague Leg Guards w/White Fabric Wraps Armor: TBLeague Mens Forearm Guards Armor: TBLeague Mens Neck Collar Belt: TBLeague Molded Belt w/White Cloth
TBLeague Horus Guardian of Pharaoh Silver (PL2020-170B) Cape: TBLeague Mens White Hoodless Cloak w/Fur Collar Feet: TBLeague Horus Feet Figure: TBLeague Horus Muscle Body
Feet: TBLeague Horus Feet
Our Price: $10.99
Hands: TBLeague Horus Hand Set w/Rings Hands: TBLeague Horus Holding Grip Head: TBLeague Horus (Silver) Head: TBLeague Horus w/Open Mouth (Silver)
Shorts: TBLeague Male Black Underwear Sword: TBLeague Machete Tool: TBLeague Mens Upper Arm Bands w/White Cloth Tool: TBLeague Scepter
Sword: TBLeague Machete
Our Price: $9.99